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Sound in meeting projection screen extension

Is there any way to get the screen projection to also include sound straight from the broadcasting device?

I always thought this would be accomplished by simply playing the audio from the broadcasters speakers and having a their microphone on but apparently there is distortion and delay when using this method. Or so I’m told.

As far as Windows is concerned there is no built-in feature to use the audio output device as an audio input device. I think there should be some “virtual microphone” solution that create a virtual microphone based on audio output device. This seems like it would work: but I have never used it before.

Until Shapespark implements selecting the microphone in multi-microphone setups, the above solution would work with meetings only if the virtual microphone was the only microphone in the system. Otherwise, I am afraid that Shapespark would choose the regular microphone as the audio input.


Ok thanks I’ll look into it.