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Spatial Audio in Meetings

Hi @jan @wojtek With the new meetings facility we have done some testing and had positive results conducting a review and brainstorm of a concept within the space.

I wonder if the attendees at a meeting could have spacial sound like they have incorporated into High Fidelity?

I am thinking of creating a space for a christmas gathering at a company I am working at temporarily where the attendees can have their own ‘huddle’ conversations, which won’t work if everyone is sharing the same volume level from all participants at the same time.

Hope that makes sense. A hybrid of Shapespark immersive 3D visual & navigation with High Fidelity spacial audio would be a killer networking / internal company opportunity.

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Something similar is on this link (try zooming)


Yes Vladan like that audio falloff for individuals web cam audio.

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I think this would be good for everything, not only meetings. I would like to see different sound sources in a Shapespark scene to which can be a noise radius/falloff applied. Plus the option of a general background sound.

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Smooth user experience with spatial audio in meetings, so it would be clear to participants why they can’t hear well some other participants and what actions they need to take to change this, is rather large undertaking and we won’t be able to provide it in a short time frame.

Thanks for considering this nice idea. Will the chat be soon?
It happens that a user enters without video and tone, will the chat be available to him?

Ok Jan, thank you for your reply. As @tim says there are lots of applications for it so would be really really useful, so please do update if you get it on the roadmap.

@tim yes agree like the audio options in UE4 for us would be really useful.

show, vou acompanhar esse tópico