Splotchy Shadows

Hey guys,

Been working with Shapespark for a bit now and it’s handling things really well! One issue we’re having though is splotchiness on the ceiling of one of our larger rooms. I’ve attached a screenshot so you can see the issue.

It’s just this area of the home; the rest of the house is pretty much free from splotches. This room is the largest open area, but it’s also the area with the most natural light getting in.

Our current light settings are:

Samples: 1000
Bounces: 12
Lightmap resolution: 100
Sky Strength: 18
Sun Strength: 20
Ambient occlusion: Enabled (factor 0.05, distance 1)
Flood dark limit: 0.05

We also have two artificial lights in this area.

Would you be able to offer any suggestions for reducing the splotchiness? Long build times aren’t too much of an issue for us.


Could you share a link to the scene here or via support@shapespark.com so we can take a look at the lights placement?

Such splotches are usually caused by strong lights directly illuminating geometry that is very close.

Your sky and sun strength is considerably higher than most commonly used values, but most likely it is not the cause of the splotches, because they are present only in this single room.

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