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Start scene iframe popup

Hi there

Needing help with being able to place a iframe web page popup in the start of the scene. I’ve been looking through all the forums and would love to be able to semi replicate the start scene.


Take a look at the ‘Scene ready to display and scene load complete’ section in this document:
It explains how to show a banner when a scene loads and includes a sample code:
You would need to replace the text banner with an iframe code.

Thanks Jan I had look into this code and just wondering in place of the popup fading out what would be put in place to be able to have the user close the window instead?

Thanks for your help

This popup and the fading effect is all defined in the linked HTML and JavaScript, so you can customize it to disable the fading and add a close button to close the popup instead.

What is the code in Java to add a close button in the tag Viewer .onSceneReadyToDisplay(callback)

I was able to review the code on github ( ) and I managed to get the welcome message to appear, but I can’t make it have a close button to close the pop up.