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Start scene with folded menu/ view list

Hello there! Is there a way to start a scene with the view list and menus all hidden on start?
So that we can unfold them when we want?

And can it be applied to scenes on the Shapespark cloud?


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There is no such setting or API function. The UI is always shown when the scene is loaded.

We’ve checked and it is something that we could include in the JavaScript viewer API in the next version. There would be a new function: Viewer.toggleMenu that shows/hides the menu. Would it address your use case?

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That would be great to have, Yes that would fix my needs! Thank you.

hey there. is there a way to add unfoldable views under a main view, lets say the kitchen view i set, unfolds other custom views such as “stove”, “sink” and “fridge”?

This is not possible with the default user interface, you would need to build a custom views menu in HTML/CSS/Javascript. These can be starting points: