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Start/Stop movie file including sound

Is it somehow possible to use a movie as texture including sound? Or to start a movie and an additional audio file at the same time?

It is not possible, but it is rather not a fundamental limitation of video textures, just a missing feature. If it is possible we will add support for starting videos with sound.


@jan, if I can make a suggestion about this, it would be nice if we could place the sound in a small specific area.

This way, the sound gets more perceptive when the user aproximates the TV, for example. If the user leaves the room, the sound goes away.


That would be nice to have.
Thank you

Forgot to update: we have a new extension that allows to configure a video texture to play with sound. It is also possible to start and stop video texture by clicking on an object in the scene. We still have a couple of small things to finish for the next release and really hope to make this release available this week.

As for the spatial audio suggested by @Anthoni: the web APIs seem to support it, but we didn’t manage to test it yet. It is something that we would like to add if there are no larger problems with these APIs, but not in the next release.


Excelent news, the :play_or_pause_button: play/pause and sound included in videos will be great! And if you could omnidirectional sound in objects that will be amazing!!! :heart_eyes: