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Stop Teleport & Navigation

Hi, im using this in the web and ive found that its kind of tricky the navigation, is there a way to assign new keybindings?

Also i would like to deactivate the teleporter on click, is there a way to do that?


For disabling click navigation, please see this post: Disable camera move on single clicks in the scene

It is currently not possible to assign new keybindings, you can only disable not needed bindings like this: Hide some controls or all controlls temporary - #2 by jan

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Silly question, where do i need to enter this?

¿ viewer :arrow_forward: extensions :arrow_forward: script ?

WALK.getViewer().onNodeTypeClicked(function() {
return true; // returning true prevents further processing of the click event.

Yes, it will work if you enter it in the Script extension (an alternative is to add such custom code in a body-end.html file). Just don’t add any trigger to this extension, so the code will run after the scene loads.