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Strip Lighting in Scene

This might be a dumb question but I want to insert a series of linear LED lights into a scene and would like for the light to be both up and down lighting. Is there an option for a linear light source like an strip of LED or fluorescent tubes? Is there an easy way in Sketchup to create such a light?

Such lighting strips are created with the Emissive property of a material. So you would need to:

  1. Create a thin rectangle imitating a lighting strip in your SketchUp model.
  2. Assign it a new SketchUp material called, say, LED.
  3. Then, in Shapespark enable the Emissive property for the LED material. Start tuning the emission Strength from 5.

Thanks for the quick reply, I assume it could be a tube just as easily as a rectangle? Just ran my first test and will need to play a little. Assume I could do the same thing for layin light fixtures in a suspended ceiling system

Your assumption is correct: it can be also used for fluorescent tubes and light fixtures in a suspended ceiling system.

Can this be imported to shapespark? Can you use it as a light?

You can use any material in Shapespark as a light emitter by enabling the Emissive property of the material in the Materials tab of the scene editor.

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Thank you. I tried it. It’s great. I always thought that the material was self luminous and could not illuminate other objects. I’ve tried it. It’s OK.

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i am a 3ds max user with vray .
any other option for 3ds max user please let me know


The procedure for 3ds Max should be exactly the same: create a thin rectangle imitating the lighting strip in the 3ds Max model, assign it a new material inside 3ds Max, and then in Shapespark use the Emissive property of this new material to make the strip shine.