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Struggling with Texture Compression

Hi I am using Blender 3.0 and I am noticing when I upload my textures of 2048x2048 I get something like a 500x500, I read that 2k x 2k was possible, is there anyone here that can tell me how to do this. I have already disabled the GPU compress in the shapespark gear icon and I am not noticing any improvement. I read someone who talked about a workaround for like a 10cm plane where you shrink the texture I am trying to improve in the scene and it’s still not improved after upload. I would like a solution if at all possible I would really appreciate it. Maybe a dev can show me a video of how they did it. Again I am using Blender and exporting with FBX all my unwrapped objects.

right now it looks like this blaghhhhhh

on the left is my texture and on the right is how it compressed it.

Thank you.

Did you also disable texture scaling with the gear icon? Could you share a link to uploaded scene?