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Stuck on calculating lightmap uv's


I have a problem where after clicking Bake, it just sits at calculating lightmap uv’s, even if I lower the lightmap resolution to 10. I left it a good hour, but it never got to the stage of showing a progress bar.

Has anyone ever experienced, and resolved this?

It’s only happening with a new scene created in 1.7.3, older scenes still bake in the newer version.

Is there a polygon limit, or could it be update related? I’ve tried excluding all of the high poly meshes from the lightmap calculation by setting them to 0 custom lightmap resolution, but that made no difference.


@Michael_Campbell, I don’t think it is related to the last update. It seems as if there was some mesh difficult to unwrap automatically in the scene, and the unwrapping algorithm takes very long time.

Could you upload the scene to our hosting and give us a link to it (by private message or email if it cannot be disclosed publicly)? We will analyze the issue, and see what the problem is.

The problem was further discussed via email with the following outcome:

Our automatic UV unwrapping algorithm may take long time for folded or spring-like shapes, for example: folded towels, folded bedclothes, springs. We will be investigating how to make it faster in such situations.

In the particular case of Michael’s scene the problematic mesh was a folded towel.