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Subscription plans changes and grandfathering of perpetual licenses


Today we introduce the following changes to Shapespark products:

  • In addition to monthly subscriptions all Shapespark plans now offer yearly subscription options.
  • (Applies to new subscriptions only) Monthly subscription prices increase to $35 for the Starter plan, $58 for the Standard plan and $117 for the Plus plan (or equivalents in supported local currencies). This is the first price change since Shapespark was launched 5+ years ago, so we hope for your understanding.
  • Active subscriptions will continue to use the old prices.
  • Yearly subscriptions give 15% discount, so per month prices are $29 for the Starter plan, $49 for Standard and $99 for the Plus plan.
  • With yearly subscriptions the auto-renew option can be disabled. This allows for wire transfer payments in addition to credit card, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay options.
  • New customers will no longer be able to purchase perpetual licenses, we continue to support existing perpetual licenses and continue to offer software updates and hosting renewal for them.

You can check the new prices here.

Glad to read that existing perpetual licenses will not be canceled. Does the price stay the same as before?

Yes, prices for perpetual licenses renewal do not change.