Subscription plans update: no meeting minutes and Premium plan


Today we are updating our subscription plans. The biggest news is removing the monthly limit for participant minutes - the meeting duration becomes unlimited. This change also affects the perpetual license, the yearly minutes limit is gone. The second important change is introduction of the Premium plan with 150 hosting slots, meetings for up to 30 participants and an option to use custom meeting avatars.

The other plan changes are:

  • “HTML/JavaScript customization” and “Viewer API” are offered only in the Plus and Premium plans. Hiding the Shapespark logo and using your own logo is still possible in the Standard plan, but using your own HTML/JavaScript code is not.
  • “Host on own server” feature is offered only in the Premium plan.

Removing the monthly limit for participant minutes applies both to existing subscriptions and licenses, and to future subscriptions. Other plan changes don’t apply retroactively, they apply only to newly subscribed, downgraded or upgraded plans.

You can review our updated pricing table at: .


So what is the diference by the plus to the premium?
Can I migrate from my two plus accounts to just one premium?

If you have the old version of the Plus plan there are two differences:

  • The number of hosting slots in the Premium plan is 150, whereas in Plus is 50.
  • The Premium plans allows for 30 meeting participants, whereas Plus for 10.

If you have a team then: no - all the team members are on the same plan. If your two accounts are not in a team, you can upgrade only one of them.

Why do you remove “Host on own server” from Plus? It is a huge change. I have to pay 2,5x for a same feature?

This is the exact thing we don’t like with the new pricing. Rest all is excellent

really not expcetable. please change uregntly

@Casey, @nishantambekar, @ArtWork007, as stated the announcement, the changes don’t apply retroactively. So, if you already have a Plus plan subscription you are still using the old version of the Plus plan, with features offered the moment you started the Plus subscription at, including “Host on own server”.

The “Host on own server” feature allows the user to host the scene (on own server) even after the Shapespark subscription is cancelled, and to host unlimited number of scenes (on own server), so has always been a part of the highest subscription plan. The recent plan changes introduce the Premium plan as the highest plan, so the “Host on own server” feature now belongs to Premium.

So just to be clear, as I’m a little confused. Since I am a plus plan member, I will continue to have the ability to host on own server forever going forward no matter what release of the engine is pushed through? So long as I stay subscribed to the plus, I will not lose that ability with any new scenes created going forward.

@wojtek , plus one on this post. I have exactly the same question. Also, what if my subscription is cancelled, and I decide to resubscribe ? Will my Plus plan still allow “Host on your server” feature ?

To clarify it further:

The plan changes described in this thread have no impact for scenes already bundled and hosted on your own hosting. The lifetime of such scenes is not tied to your subscription. Scenes on your hosting will be online as long as your hosting is online.

If you subscribed to the Plus plan before the described plan changes, you will be able to bundle and self-host scenes as long as you’re renewing your subscription. You started a plan subscription assuming the Plus plan offers a certain set of features, and we don’t want to retroactively change this set.

Re-subscription after downgrading/cancelling a subscription is treated as a new subscription, so will have the features of the new Plus plan version (without the “Host on own server” feature). An exception to this is subscription cancellation due to a failed automatic payment. In such a case let us know, and we’ll help you to return to your old Plus plan version (with the “Host on own server” feature).


Thank you for clarifying, much appreciated!

For me, the changes are going to a wrong direction. Shapespark never meant to be a social media meeting platform. It is more just for visualization software. As we are a 3D Visualization company, we are not very intereseted to have a Shapspark advetizement Logo in the middle of our 3D presentation, nor having a link to a shapepsark server. Again there is Shapespark branding in the url. We pay money only to “rent” a software, it is a lot of money, and now we have to share with our customers, the name of a 3D tool? Everwhere there is advetizing, even now in our payed software. This is not the right way. As adobe started their subscription (rental) plans, that was the dead for smaller companies or even freelancers. Who has all the money for all this expensive software? See, I had a monthly, 90€ Shapespark subscription plan, for 3 years, always had the “Host on own server” option included. Now I pay 2,5 times as much for the same feature? From one to the other day? We companies also have times, we don’t need the usage of the software for months. The market is not stable any more. So we need to stop a “rental” software to save money, as anybody does. And then we loose our products, because we could not save it to our server. That is a very infriendly development of the Shapespark philosophy! In earlier days, we did not buy a newer version oft he software, we could even uninstall the softwarer and install it to an other PC. Even years, of pausing, later. You could install the software again, a yes, all the buttons where at the same place. Even buttons like “Host on own server” where still there…


True you are completely right.

Policy destroy our faith. We all togather raise voice and make this complaint.


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about Host on own server is my subscribed stoped and host in my server Will I still have the ability to conduct 3D meeting on my server or need renw subscribed every month for 3D meeting
Many thanks

3D meetings do not work on own server, they require an active subscription and a scene to be uploaded to Shapespark provided hosting.