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Suddenly a pop-up error message came out

Suddenly a pop-up error message came out.
“Fatal error Failed to start HTTP server”

This error message suddenly appeared when the application was launched.
I used to be able to start it without any problems.

We have already added exclusions to security software and firewalls.
What is the cause?

Perhaps some other application is using a port that Shapespark application uses. If you open the following address in a web browser on your computer: http://localhost:5000 is there any site there?


http: // localhost: 5000
→ When you open this, “Search results” will appear. Is this normal?

We also sent you a log file by email.

Best regards.

It looks like some other application is using port 5000 on your machine, so Shapespark cannot reserve this port while starting.
Could you edit a configuration file C:\Users\<YOUR-USER>\AppData\Roaming\Shapespark\config.json?
At the beginning of this file, just after the opening {, add the following line:

 "port": 5001,

(trailing comma is important).
This will change the port that Shapespark reserves from 5000 to 5001.

EDIT: fixed quote characters (“port” instead of ‘port’)

Thanks for your reply.

I want to check it just in case.

Immediately after opening the uploaded file, add “‘port’: 5001,”.
Is the place to add correct after “https: //”?

Do I need to manually change to port 5001 whenever I can’t uninstall an app that uses port 5000?

Thank you

No, this setting needs to be stored in a location configuration file. Do you have a file: C:\Users\<YOUR-USER>\AppData\Roaming\Shapespark\config.json on your local disk?


Thank you.

I found it.
Can I open the file with Notepad?

{‘port’: 5001,
“devices”: [

Is there any problem with the addition as described above?

(Sorry, I can’t really verify because it’s the customer who’s having the problem.)

I’m sorry, I used wrong quote characters in my previous post (’ instead of "), it should be:

{“port”: 5001,
“devices”: [

You can edit the file in notepad and restart Shapespark afterwards.

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I modified it as attached.

Unfortunately the error does not go away.
Is there any other workaround?

Thank you in advance.

If you go now to http://localhost:5001 with a web browser after starting Shapespark on a computer that has this problem, do you see the Shapespark scene list or still the "Search results” page mentioned in your previous post?


Thank you for your reply

I get an error screen when I access it.

I’m very sorry about the delay.

Could you check if your Windows computer Device name includes national characters? Th Device name can be checked at Windows menu Start > Settings > System > About
See also: Rename your Windows 10 PC

Nationals character in the Device name could cause this kind of an error.