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Suddenly the GUI has disappeared!

Oh no, i cant safe the project because suddenly the GUI has disappeared! Disaster! We need our project for presentation :grimacing:

Hi! We’re investigating the issue.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: It happens after i change a extension from switch to changeview.

We cannot reproduce it on our end. Would it e possible for you to write the steps to trigger the error (which extension you change from Switch Objects to Change View and which other settings you change just before the error) or send us a video capture with the steps?

Hey I think I had this same issue yesterday. I simply deleted the old extension and added a new one. Hope this helps and you don’t have too many of them to change.

Could you open such failing scene in the Chrome browser by going to http://localhost:5000, open a Chrome Developer tools (F12) and check if there are any errors in the Console tab?

Do you have custom JavaScript in body-end.html? Some customizations can interfere with extensions.

Open existing project with some extensions, edit existing extension, change extension to for example to “change view”, try to set trigger, change color etc. This should reproduce not the disappearing GUI, but other GUI problems where the GUI doesn’t react.

Cant reproduce disappear whole GUI

Thanks for the information and for sending us the screen capture. We have reproduced the error and are working on a fix.