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Support for StarVR or Pimax

Is it a problem to run Shapesparks WebGL scenes with a StarVR or Pimax headset which have a field of view of 210 or 200 degrees? Or are there any special requirements for the camera setup inside Shapespark?

Hi @tim,

We haven’t tried StarVR or Pimax yet, so we can only give you our guesses.

From these two Pimax seems as it should work because it supports the OpenVR standard, which Firefox + Chrome can leverage to offer a WebVR layer on top of. On the Pimax forum there are some posts confirming that a WebVR experience can be viewed with Pimax: That said, 4K VR would require a very powerful GPU. I am not even sure if for complex scenes GTX 1080 would be fast enough to maintain smooth experience.

As for StarVR, we haven’t found any information that it is supported by web browsers.

Okay. Thank you for this information. I will forward this to the client.