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Support Oculus Quest

Hi, Someone know if shapespark run on oculus quest and how do that?

So far, we haven’t seen a confirmation that Oculus Quest will support WebVR, but my guess is that it will. If so, the procedure will be similar to GearVR or Oculus Go: running a Shapespark visualization inside the Oculus Browser.

That said, similarly to other mobile-based solutions, it may not be powerful enough to run complex architectural visualizations smoothly. According to the specs the resolution will be 1440 by 1600 per eye, so rather much for a complex scene on a mobile GPU.

Oculus Quest would be be the perfect gadget to run Shapespark. But I am afraid that, as you mentioned, the performance will not be powerful enough. I tested it on an Oculus Go and that was really a disappointing experience. It seems that also for the quest you will have a big quality loss: