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Szene Name, Preview Pick etc. No progress at all?

Hi All,
I really like shapespark, but I why can’t I choose a normal name for my szenes and choose my own preview picture before uploading to my gallery? When I work with “bundle” I do it - but for an upload to shapespark it is not working. All over there is less progress in naming, styling etc. the szene for my customers. Also no storage of material etc. What Do you thing guys?

We will add a convenient way for uploading and preserving a custom preview picture for scenes hosted on Shapespark hosting. At this moment the cover is refreshed every time the Shapespark editor is started, so you need to replace it with your own version just before the upload, which is annoying.

As for the scene names, the names are part of the Windows file names and URL addresses, so we are limited to what can be safely used there.

Hi Jan,
thank you for your feedback. For the Szenename - you can store it in the header. We are talking about HTML “title” for example - the URL could be different then. But I like to have a real name shown in the overview. This should be easy I think :slight_smile:


The HTML title should already be set to the Title configured in the Viewer tab:


For example, here: it is set to ‘Example room by Shapespark’. Is this what you have in mind or something else?

Close to :slight_smile: We should use this title here:

I see, but setting the title is optional, and it doesn’t need to be unique, this is why the scene name is used on this list (it is unique and always present).

Then I like it “optional” there :slight_smile: Checkbox!? :slight_smile:

And for self hosted scenes?

It will also work with self hosted scenes.

To the next release we are adding a following change: if a scene directory contains custom-cover.jpg and/or custom-thumbnail.jpg these images are used instead of automatically generated cover images (both for Shapespark hosting and self hosting).

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While at it, we are also adding automatically generated favicon.ico for each scene that can be replaced with custom-favicon.ico

Cool, thank you a lot :slight_smile: