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Tagged material options

Hi @jan

I got a question.

Is it possible to “tag” each and every material option, and export those “tags” to an external database after the customer finishes their Shapespark house tour ?

This way, I would know automatically and immediately which material options a customer chose during their online house tour.

It would also enable to automate the process from the online house tour to emailing the customer an offer of what they just chose.

…in other words: a better business model.

I am looking forward to your response, @jan

I’ve been thinking the same think, this would be very helpful.

Something like this is not supported out of the box.

Some of the Shapespark users with programming knowledge built functions like this using Shapespark JavaScript API, but this is rather bigger undertaking. You would need to program some external server to save the material configuration, be able to distinguish between different users, so their saved settings do not overwrite each other. I would say that investing work in such development makes sense if this feature is crucial for you business idea, but not if this is just a nice to have addition.

Thank you @jan for your answer.

Yes, it is crucial for the success of my business model to have an automatic data transfer between Shapespark and the backend database.

It will still be some time until we will be ready to start with that. But when we start with that, would you give us some tips on that topic ?

That would be very appreciated.

Thanks @jan

Sure, we will be able to help.

Thanks @jan

Appreciate the help.