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Tags missing in Firefox VR

Tried Firefox VR with my HTC Vive. Run’s smooth and looks very nice compared to my Quest. However all touchpoints are missing (except the ones linked to videotextures). Any suggestions?

On all VR devices HTML label extensions are hidden. This is because these labels are flat HTML elements rendered by a browser on top of a 3D view, they are not part of a 3D scene. Browsers do not allow to render such HTML elements in VR mode.

The extensions that are supported in VR mode are: Video texture control, Change view, Material picker, Audio

Ok thx. I understand. So the workaround is to add geometry and use those as trigger?

Are there any plans to support the other labels as well in VR?

HTML Label will not work in VR, even if you use object as a trigger. The problem is not with a label but with showing HTML content in VR.

Ah. I see. That is too bad. This takes away from the VR experience.

Any plans to wrap HTML content into an element which will be visible in VR? Like watching a webpage in Virtual Desktop.

This would be awesome to have.