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Teleport in z axis as well as x/y

I have a test scene where the user starts in an aerial view. I’d like them to be able to point the cursor at a location on the ground, and then click to teleport down to that location (camera to end 1.6 metres above the ground/object at the point where it was clicked.).

Currently it teleports to the position in x/y, but the z position remains unchanged…leaving them floating high in the air above where they want to be.

Also, can you increase the distance at which the user can teleport to? It seems to be capped to quite a low value at the moment.

here’s the test scene for you to see what I mean.

The reasoning behind the click-based navigation in Walk views, was that it allows walking. On mobile devices that do not have keyboard, this is the only way to do the walking. The altitude of the camera in Walk views is currently constant and determined by the initial camera position, which in your case is high above the ground.

The change that you propose is hard to generalize. Many scenes need some of the views to allow to walk higher above the ground. Also for this to be consistent, if click navigation updates the altitude, the keyboard should also, or even the camera should start falling immediately after teleporting to such Walk view.

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I was thinking just linear teleportation movement to the xyz position of the click on the object’s surface + player height.

perhaps to make sure scenes where the floating above the ground behaviour needs to be maintained, you could add a “teleport to surface” checkbox to the viewer/views tab? Only applicable to that camera and only when the object which was clicked has walk on activated perhaps?

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