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We recently launched a Shapespark profile on platform. The platform allows companies to gather user reviews. If you take time to let us know what you like about Shapespark and what you think we should work on next, we’d really appreciate that!

Here’s the link to leave a review! It will come with $25 USD e-gift card from the Capterra team.

Reviews can be left in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, or German.

*In order to be eligible for a $25 USD gift card, reviews must be written for Shapespark and published on Capterra site. To be published each review must pass the validation, quality, and non-duplication processes. Gift cards will be sent within 1-2 weeks after the review has been published.

*The gift cards are electronic and will convert to any currency at the normal exchange rate. There is also an option for them to donate the amount to charity, including various ones assisting with the damage caused by COVID-19. Gift card options include Amazon, Target, Visa (debit card), and Starbucks.

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