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Test interior 3d max to shashapespark


Hi, I’m new to the program, I’m trying to buy it, there are still things that I don’t understand, but with practice it gets better, this is a scene that I’m using as a studio, I have some doubts in case someone gives me a hand, how do I define more the shadows without that saw effect, you can give more exposure to the exterior image from the program,

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Hi @jorge_barcellona,

This is a nice start!
Better shadow is achieved with higher resolution and more lightmaps. However, this increases the amount of files to open the presentation. It is not a problem if a presentation was made for one user, which has fast internet and a stronger device.
In practice Shapespark works shadows on ALL SURFACES!
So you can remove surfaces that the camera can’t see, or set the shadow resolution to “0”. This way, you can save on lightmaps and achieve better shadow resolution.



The scene looks good already! I think it has a big potential. As @Vladan already pointed out it would be great to increase lightmap resolution. Also to distinguish lightmap resolution of objects. Light leakage that you can see next to the door you can easily fix by adding a plane underneath the scene (with lightmap resolution 0). Add a few spot lights to your ceiling lights it will also make it look more realistic and bake will be more clean. Good luck @jorge_barcellona!