Texture and video web issue

hello everyone i try to improve my JS knowledge and try reproduce the web image and video code here :

so i created a scene only with a ground
i name the shader here rug to fit your exemple and try to see if it work with the texture of exemple
ideally without touche the code for start .

and i made it successfull working
now i ill add just my pic and link without change code

this is the line i just change

i kept ID same to change the less thing possible but even this step i dont make it workk
do you think it can come from crosserver=anonymous not configurer ? i use my ovh provider and upload file on ftp and get the link simply .

i upload scene just in case it can help


Your web page, served from https://maps.atlantis-city.com , is trying to access a resource (an image, in this case) hosted on a different domain (https://atlantis-city.com ) which does not include the necessary Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in its response to allow the request to succeed.

You would need to configure the hosting server to include proper response headers. You would need to look up the OVH documentation on how to make this work.

thankks for answer , i wasnt sure …