Texture file for a material picker

Hi, I’m making a material picker but I have a small problem, in the code I’m getting the texture directly, in the local Shapespark application it works, but when I upload it, the textures don’t work, I just need to know how to get the directory of textures


Can I put the texture I want on an online site and get the texture link?

" extra-assets " folder
<img src="$EXTRA_ASSETS/image38.png" alt="" />

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Thank you very much, just one more question, I’m trying to add a folder to store the images inside the “extra_assets” folder, but the images are not working, is that so?



Have you altered the path to match the correct folder?
For example:
<img src="$EXTRA_ASSETS/img-slide/slide1.png" alt="" />

I think so, but, I will not use this method anymore, thanks