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Texture gone when publish

Using Ipad pro to run this,
When loading texture still there but when finish downloaded,
Texture gone

Why is this happened??

@Oattjv, may I have some questions to help us in the troubleshooting:

  1. Could you share a link to the scene with us (via forum PM or if the scene isn’t public)?
  2. Does it happen each time you open this scene on your iPad Pro, or from time to time?
  3. Does it happen also for other scenes, eg: ?
  4. What iPad Pro version and iOS version are you using?

@Oattjv, we were able to reproduce the issue and are investigating it.

FYI. I am having a similar issue on some iphone types, it seems when I load the scene again textures are there but this cant be expected of all users.

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already send an email to you @wojtek

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@Oattjv, @sachaandraos, we have rolled out a fix for this issue affecting Safari and all iOS browsers. The textures should now load reliably in them.

Thats really great. Thank you for being so quick!