Texture quality control on small object

hello every1,
i try to realise a phone store on shapespark
i have an issue about texture quality on small object
i notice shapes use a kind of algorythm to reduce quality of texture maybe acording the size of object
but :

all textures are 2k here handmade by me
and we can see clearling its decreasing according size …

can i control that ??


Indeed, Shapespark automatically downscales textures based on the the area that a single repetition of the texture occupies in 3D space. Yes, you can control it, see: https://help.shapespark.com/hc/en-us/articles/5132314507793-How-to-control-the-quality-of-textures-

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somehow it works only when i publish it … but not offline

@Julien, changing the setting takes effect only when the optimized versions of the textures are generated, so:

  • in the desktop app: when you upload or bundle your scene,
  • in the cloud editor: when you publish your scene.