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Texture resolution different after uploading

Hoping the devs can shed some light on what’s happening here and how to fix it. In the Shapespark app the textures are coming in just fine, but after uploading the scene the textures are very low resolution. I suspect this has something to do with the textures being optimized on upload, and perhaps my texture pool objects have too small UV coverage so the auto-resolution is downsizing them to low resolution (they’ve been reduced so much they’re essentially a solid color, see pic).

In Shapespark app:

Hosted scene (after uploading):

Does the primary material of the cabinets (the leftmost one in the material picker) have a texture, or is it a solid white color? If it’s a solid white color, could you replace it with a solid white texture?

The issue here is that the scene uploader is not aware of the things configured in extensions (“Extensions” panel of the “Viewer” tab). So, it assumes the cabinets do not have a texture, and if they have texture UV mapping, it removes the mapping to reduce the geometry size. Then, when an uploaded scene is viewed, and the user replaces the primary solid white material with a textured material, the renderer has no UV mapping information, which makes the texture also looks solid, as on the second screenshot provided by you. If you make the primary material of the cabinets use a texture, the uploader will not apply such an optimization.

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Yep, that worked! Thanks!

Yes, the primary color was simply a color, not a texture. By replacing it with an image texture of the same color it’s now working.