Texture scale value

Hello there! I’ve checked the forum but could not really get a working solution. I am trying to use material picker with different scaled textures. Thus, I was wondering if it is possible for shapespark to recognize the scale value for different materials. I don’t know if that makes any difference but I am using blender with very simple mapping node-. I can tile different materials in Photoshop before uploading on shapespark but it is taking so much time and I feel like there must be a faster/easier way to do it

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The material picker assumes that the textures in the alternative materials have the same real world sizes, so unfortunately there is no faster way than tiling the textures in an image editor before exporting the scene.

Hi Wojtek,

Can you give a link to show how this is done?

@JOHN, is it something you need urgently? We are currently working on adding per-material texture UV scale and offset and it will be included in the soon to be released next Shapespark version. So, if you can wait a few days, you will be able to take advantage of the new setting and adjust the UV scale of an alternative material to match the UV mapping of the primary material (without the need to tile textures in an image editing tool).

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Very excited about this feature, it will definitely be a timesaver!

Hi @wojtek ,

Can you let us know the planned date of this release ? Also, is it possible to set texture scale of a material coming from the material changing api ?


The new version will be released at the beginning of the next week, and it will be possible to set texture scale through the viewer API.

Great. Would it also be possible to rotate / offset the texture vertically or horizontally through the api on load ? Can we add some offset / rotation value in the code, so that the texture loads with those values ?

It will be possible to set scale and offset, but not yet rotation. Support for UV mapping rotation will be added in the future.

Great. After the release, kindly do let us know how to set offset value to move texture vertically / horizontally via the API. We want to move texture horizontally by some value when a scene is loaded.


The new Shapespark version has been released. You can find the relevant API documentation at: https://github.com/shapespark/shapespark-viewer-api#modify-uv-mapping

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The UV modify feature is very helpful for us!!
Can you let us know when the UV mapping rotation feature release?


Hi @jaydo

About the UV mapping rotation feature - this feature is currently on our roadmap for the first quarter of the next year. We are currently unsure of the specific timeline but will keep you informed of any updates as they become available.

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