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That one person can control the triggers for everyone in the same meeting

We have been experimenting in the Shapespark meetings and we think it is important to be able to trigger (among other things) a video and have that video presented to all participants at the same time.

A control button on the triggers so that they can only be activated by one participant for all at the same time is a good option.

Hemos estado experimentando en las reuniones de shapespark y nos parece importante poder accionar (entre otras cosas) un video y que ese video se presente para todos los participantes al mismo tiempo.

Un botón de control sobre los triggers para que estos solo puedan activarse por un participante para todos al mismo tiempo es una buena opción.

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At this moment such synchronization in meetings works only for the material picker - any material selection is shown to all the meeting participants. We are working on a new extension for sharing screen, it will allow you to show your screen content to the meeting participants, so you will be able to use this extension to share some video playing on your screen. The way it will work is that the scene author will be able to select which textures can be used for screen sharing and place triggers in the scene to start screen sharing.

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I really need this function, for example:

I want to pass a video presentation to other meeting participants,

in this case the texture video runs only for me.

I’m looking forward to it.


according to this @jan, then if it is possible to shoot a video to be seen by everyone at once, if that video is part of a texture that was replaced by a video? that is correct?

Look this experiment galery (unrendered)
meeting for this space (just for 1 day)
comments are welcome!

There are several things that happen with textures and video in meetings

  1. a video linked to a texture if it runs for everyone at the time someone chooses it
  2. however, it is not synchronous and has no sound (the video starts for the one who chose the texture but if someone chooses another texture the video pauses and no longer runs the same for everyone)
  3. You can generate a button to start the video and it works fine but when you press the button, the video only runs for the person who presses the button, not for the others.
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@jorgearq this is a different thing. Video textures synchronization between meeting participants is not possible, what I was describing is a new (to be released) screen share feature. Using this feature you can also share some video playing on your machine and it will be streamed to all participants.


A little about video tours as others do. Maybe some idea will be useful?