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The export button shaperspark does not appear in 3d max

first I wanted to congratulate the team for making this program so good :slight_smile:
I’m new to this forum and yesterday I downloaded the program, I’m a 3d max user and when I install shaperspark the “shaperpark export” button doesn’t appear in 3d max, is it supposed to install automatically? or do I have to do something? it does not appear in 3d max.
Any solution, I have uninstalled the shaperspark and reinstalled it and nothing, the button to export the models to shaperspark does not appear in 3d max. what am I doing wrong?
I would appreciate if someone can help me or know if the same thing happens to someone and the solution.
Thanks a lot!

Hi @3db, welcome to the forum and thanks for your kind words about Shapespark.:blush:

Have you restarted 3ds Max after installing Shapespark?

What version of 3ds Max are you using? Shapespark exporter supports 3ds Max 2019-2021 only.

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Thank you, I could solve it with your help!
Thanks a lot

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