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The extensions desappear on VR mode!

With the new 1.7.3 update I was finally able to see my virtual reality space through my Samsung Odyssey viewer, just spectacular! but the spheres (with HTLM extension) that I put to go from one space to another disappear in VR Mode :confounded:, I can not leave the place, I can not move from one space to another!

this are my scenes

Hello, the extensions are disabled in VR mode. The reason is that it is not possible to render HTML content in VR, which is needed for the HTML Label extension. But we could allow other types of extensions to work and disable only HTML Labels. We will be looking into this.

I think that the option to move from one scene to another scene is a must have. As well as the material picker. If it doesnโ€™t take too much time it would be great if an implementation could be done soon. I am also working on a project where the client needs to go from one scene to another.

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