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The scene cannot see in Windows Mixed Reality with Edge

Hi @jan and @wojtek, I already uninstalled and reinstalled the programs and still the scene does not load in the virtual reality viewer. I don´t know what to do? Can you help me please?

This is a video about it

Temporal solution:
I was able to solve it, I had to uninstall the new version of EDGE, go back to the previous one and everything is fine.

Thank you for the report we will test this with the newest Edge. Perhaps the problem is related to the recent Edge engine switch to Chromium.

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Exactly! I beleave the same.

That make me question one thing: why the VR experience with windows mixed reality platform only works only with Microsoft Edge instead others browsers? :thinking: The only way that we have to show our scenes whith WMR is that and no more else! :scream:


We were able to switch to the VR mode in the new Edge, but the performance was poor. We’ll be investigating it further.

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The VR mode seems to work fine in the new Edge on our PC provided that we connect it to a powerful graphics card.

Maybe you could give the new Edge a try after having reinstalled the Mixed Reality Portal?

Hey Wojtek, I already did that and it didn’t work for me.

Are you using a laptop with two graphics card: integrated and discrete? If so, open your graphics card configuration (eg. NVIDIA Control Panel), and make sure that the new Edge (Microsfot Edge Beta - msedge.exe) is assigned the discrete graphics card. It made the VR mode work on my dual-GPU laptop.

Yes I’m using a laptop with two cards. Ok I will do that and I will let you know!

Update: Thanks Wojtek I did what you told me and that solved the issue, now I can use Edge (chromium) to view the scenes with Windows Mixed Reality Headsets