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The shape spark data cannot be uploaded

The shape spark data cannot be uploaded.

The license has been authenticated.
Are the communication requirements at the time of license authentication and at the time of upload different?

Is this log file useful for resolution?

Download link

Your account is valid and you should be able to upload your scenes.

In your logs I see that some of the files from one scene are corrupted, for another scene the process of uploading files has been terminated. There are also errors related to our internal communication, but nothing obvious…

Could you check settings of firewall and antivirus which may block the application?

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Are the communication requirements different when activating and uploading?

At first, I couldn’t authenticate the license in the internal environment and couldn’t upload it, but when I allowed “” access to the firewall, I was able to log in.

I want to know the URLs, ports and protocols that I need to allow when uploading.

Need to allow the firewall as soon as possible.
It would be helpful if you could get in touch with us early.

Yes, the address is required to log in to the application. To upload scenes you have to add (HTTPS, port 443) to your access list on the firewall.

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