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The skybox looks dim in mobile

The Skybox looks dim in mobiles.And I havn’t found a place to change a parameter to adjusting it. It looks like a fixed value for the compression ratio?

Could you share a link? It can be some compression specific bug (mobile devices use different compressed texture formats than desktops).

Here is the link.

And there is another issue in the skybox that it looks twisty. I saw the demos on the Shapespark have the same problem. Unless we use the skyboxs without tall buildings.

Do you see the dim sky on ios or Android?

Yes. It looks normal on browser mobile simulator but looks indistinct on ios and Android.

We test this on iOS and Android but see no difference in the sky brightness on our mobile devices and the desktop. Is it possible that the difference is related to your screen settings? Could you try a following link and see if it looks like the desktop version?:
These nopvr and noetc1 settings disable mobile compressed textures, so jpg is used instead.

As for the twisty skybox, we will fix this in the next release. The sphere geometry that is used by the sky box turns out to be too simple to well represent straight lines of such tall buildings (the sphere has only 32 segments). We tried with higher number of segments, and the sky looks much better.

It is ok~
Thank you ~~