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Thought I would add a wishlist to the mix


Not yet, but we will post screenshots when things look decently enough.


Here is another WebVR page that shows some interaction along with some animation (wheels on car). This indicates that all this stuff is achievable. WebVR Example

BTW: How do you provide a reference like the one Indi_80 did in his post?


The new interactive functions are a great step forward. I would also like the ability to show/hide objects interactively. Yes, you can currently show and hide objects at the view level, but I would like to be able to do this by clicking on something. As an example, I have some equipment that has options so I would like to be able show/hide those options interactively. Creating a view begins to clutter the view (navigation) list.

I do anticipate a problem with this option. As I look as some of the things I have done to date, there are occasions when a particular object is duplicated to conserve on the size of the scene. That is fine but we need the ability to address each of the instances of an object independently. I can see that as a potential problem going forward. When we get around to animation this same problem could/will exist there as well. In my car was scenes it is a fairly common occurrence to have multiple pieces of the same equipment. As the car goes through the car wash, I will want to have those different instances of the equipment animated at different time frames. :roll_eyes:


oh! this could be very nice! maybe gif support to bump? like to make water waves?


During the processing of materials I try out different textures from time to time. Sometimes the texture has to be rotated 90 degrees because the orientation is wrong. It would be good if there was an option in the Material Editor to rotate a texture in 90 degree steps. This would greatly improve the workflow.


Just curious if animating objects is anywhere on the list of future features.:question:


There should be an option to download the files uploaded on Shapespark servers, just in case we lose the file or it gets modified and we don’t have a backup.