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Thought I would add a wishlist to the mix


It would be good to be able to turn off shadow casting and receiving per object or group
like you can in sketch up


@bray shadow receiving can be turned-off by setting Custom lightmap resolution to 0 in the Objects tab. Disabling shadow casting can be achieved but only per material, not per object. You can make a material fully transparent (Materials tab, Opacity setting) for the time of baking and after the baking you can change it back to opaque.

What is your use case for such two options?


@tedvitale I think this is an excellent list and would like to add my comments…

Although, I do not use this much myself, I think it would be great for many other users. :+1:


I agree with the ground in particular, there are times when I would like to restrict the user from going “below ground”. May there could also be a restriction on how you can orbit (setting limit so you cannot see the bottom as an example).

To me, this is one of the weakest points of the exiting UI. It would be nice if there was a popup screen to allow you to pick the color visually. :+1:


Interesting suggestion. Not sure how I would use this one.

:+1: I have some situations where I would like to be able to show some water or foam spraying.

  • Animation I would also like to be able to animate the model. This would include needing the ability to animate at multiple levels (i.e. animate components and subcomponents).

I think for any kind of product presentations or for interior decorators (as just 2 examples) the ability to interactively modify a material, or even replace an object, this is very important. :+1:

No comment on this one.

Sounds interesting…



:+1::+1::+1: This would really be a great update to the SketchUp plugin.

:+1::+1: Could not agree more.

:+1::+1::+1: I think it would also be interesting if you could click on an object and then have the ability to move or rotate the object with the cursor. Resizing/scaling and object would also be a valuable asset.

No particular comment.

:+1: Additionally, I would like the ability to have interactive objects that could trigger “popup” windows to further describe something in the model (i.e. manufacturer, options available, more details about the object, or even a link to an external source).

Again, I think you have a very good list and hope Shapespark will take not of your suggestions.


It also might be a cool thing to connect models with hotspots. So I can, for example, enter an interior from an exterior scene. Kind of loading a new level into the scene. Or have a multi-storage house where I can load apartments as required.


You know, we do this in Unreal all the time, and that would be incredibly useful! Great suggestion Tim!


When you are viewing a scene/model that has multiple views, it would be nice if the “view” that is selected (the one you are viewing) was highlighted in some way. Just looked at a post in another thread that had a lot of views. When I went from one view to another, I could not tell which view I was viewing.


@tedvitale / You are doing architectural Visualization in Unreal? Are you using it for real-time rendering?
I started some tests and first VR Projects. But I think the clients, or at least my clients, are not happy with using VR headsets. And it is hard to share the scenes with clients/customers.


Would like to be able to control the brightness (and perhaps some other settings - like color) for something that has been designated as an emitter.


@ntxdave, You can make the material emissive using the Emissive option of the Materials tab. The Base color setting of the material will then determine the color of the emitted light, and the Strength option will control how strong the light is.

Trial Evaluation
Placing & Controlling Lights

Thanks for the reply. I do not know how I missed those settings. You may withdraw my post from the thread if you wish. :blush:


Hi all,
I like to open a small wishlist. I really like Shapespark - but If you have a lot changes some things are a bit hard to do it over an over again.

  • Possibility to save Material/ Material-Manager
  • Possibility to click an more than one Objekt to change for example the light settings für 5 lights or Materials
  • Change Name of the Project in the Projectmanager
  • 3D Hotspots (Dummy points !?) where you can place clickable Infos and Links
  • For Infotext: Change Font to meet CI. Place customer logo.

What Do you thing? I like to do a lot with shapespark - and therefore I need this for a good workflow :slight_smile:




Thank you very much for the feedback! (I’ve moved your post to an existing thread with wishlist items for Shapespark.)

Yes, this is something what others users also have requested. We’ll definitely add it at some point.

As for lights you can already control type, strength, size and spot angle for all instances of the same light at once. You can add a new instance of the same light in the Instances panel of the Lights tab (Also, if you are using SketchUp, light instances in SketchUp are automatically translated to light instances in Shapespark).

This is not yet possible in the UI, by you can do it by renaming the scene folder in the Documents\Shapespark folder.

Right, this is an often requested feature. We have it on our todo list.

Changing the font already possible albeit for now difficult. Changing the logo is already possible. Both things require the perpetual commercial license, or Standard/Plus monthly plan.


Some additional things I would like to see:

  • “Handles” for resizing bounding boxes
  • The ability to resize and move objects
  • “Handles” or “Circles” for controlling the angle or objects and lights


Yep, “have a marker for annotations” thats what will really expand shapespark for potencialy new customers having their showrooms. Is any chance to see this option soon. Its look like simple and quick addon, for start nothing fancy, just some text window maybe simple format options based on html and working externel links in ex. product site details :wink:


Yes, We are working on it and it should be ready soon.


Great, :wink:
"ready soon? > Days? > weeks?
I’need to send some ansfer to clinet :wink:


Here are nice example of interior interactivity


We love the WebVR Showroom demo.

We plan to release the annotations by the end of March. Unlike in the Showroom demo, the annotations won’t rely on the hover functionality, because hover interaction requires a mouse and doesn’t translate well to touch-screen devices. Instead we will allow to add small clickable objects to the scene that will expand annotations windows.


This sounds great. The Showroom demo is the kind of thing that I would really like to see. The ability to click on something to:

  • Display additional information
  • Link to another web page
  • Change the material of an object

The next step after this, would be to allow us to animate objects. :grin:


Any chance for some screenshot “trailer” how it looks? :wink: