Transparent avatar

Hello !Is it possible to have a transparent avatar? I want to use the Avatars as a “Camera”, but I only need the capture, not the avatar to be seen.

Thank !

Do I understand correctly that you would like to have a meeting in which only the avatar screens walk & see each other in 3D? Or do you need transparent avatars to achieve some other goal?

My goal is to have “Camera” avatars to broadcast what the avatar sees. So I don’t want these avatars to be visible. Neither screen nor body.
Thanks !

I see, thanks for clarification. Shapespark doesn’t have such a broadcast function, but to some extent you could achieve your aim using the screen sharing function.

If you place a screen sharing display inside the scene, then one of the avatars can start screen sharing choosing the browser tab with the current meeting. As a result the other avatars will be able to see on the display, what the sharing avatars currently looks at in the scene.

I’ll send you a PM with a meeting you can try it out in.

I already use this, what I want is precisely that the avatar sharing their screen is invisible, so that I can zoom in on one of the participants without hiding the view from the others :slight_smile:

We are getting closer to the solution :smiley:

I am sorry, but I don’t understand this part. Do you need one avatar to be transparent and the other ones to be visible? Or all the avatars to be invisible?

It is exactly that, I seek to make certain Avatars invisible while the others are visible. I’m looking at the code to remove them live.

We don’t have a way to hide certain avatars in whole (the whole avatar object), however could the following approach work for you:

  1. Avatars use custom design and consist of a rectangular display only. There is no head and no torso.
  2. The display of the participant avatar is visible only if the participant has her/his camera on. So, to make the avatar visible (as a rectangular display) the participant camera must be turn on, and contrary, to make the avatar hidden the participant camera must be turn off.