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Tri Count Different in Shapespark

Hi all,

When I count my tris in Blender it reports as 5 704 781 but when my partner imports the fbx into Spakespark it jumps to over 27 million tris?! Which number is true?

I have a lot of high poly plants in the scene but they are instances, is Shapespark reading all tris regardless of them being an instance?

Thank you, as always, for your support.

HI @peepshowillustration
it’s possible that some of the objects in your scene has modifiers that are not applied in blender and after exporting it to fbx the geometry is modified and heavier. I would start with checking that.
About high poly instances - shapespark is reading all the trits. For plants usually I use “decimate” modifier in Blender to optimize geometry.

Hi Magda,

The strange thing is when I import the FBX into blender it gives me the same tri count as the original blender file, the huge jump in tris only happens when imported into Shapespark. Also the only modifiers I use are bevel modifiers set to 1 face on weighted edges only. Maybe it’s reading the instances as unique objects. I name the instances as follows __cabinet__ (original) and __cabinet__.001 is the instance name, is that correct?

Thank you :pray:

Blender doesn’t show in statistics tris of instances and Shapespark does. Even when you use instances your graphic card needs to render all the tris. So only way will be to optimize objects that are instanced.
Names of the instances are correct.

I see…rats! :crazy_face: Thanks for the data :slight_smile:

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