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Tutorial for internet website for shapespark

I would like to create a simple website for my virtual Tours Made in ss.
Is there a tutorial to follow for this thing?
Any suggestions?

Wix doesnt work, is correct?

So i think i’ve to study wordpress?

My aim is to create a landing page with little preview of my Tours and then click on that and this allow to enter in a full screen page of single shapespark tour

How i have to proceed?


Hi @archlopane
We work with to create our websites. It is easy to use and support nearly as good as at Shapespark. Before we used Wordpress but in the end, you are faster with duda. Unfortunately, it is not totally free to use but currently, they give 20% off.

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Hi Tim,

I see also Elementor plugin for wp. I think it could be simple for me.

Anyone has experience in that.

My aim is to have a full screen/page of shapespark in action on my personal website

We create our web page with elemtor, but we need work to do our page pleacent! For us without any experience works well but demand many time to make look good!

hi jorge

Vladans BJPriceart gallery is made with elementor?
any suggestions on how i can do something like that on a website?
things to study ?

Hi, about BJPriceart, I don’t know🤷🏻‍♂️

To make full iframe window maybe you can chek this post Full-page Shapespark iframe

Good luck!