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Two different appartments

From the beginning of this year we created quite a bit of Shapespark walk-throughs in the studio and I want to share some of them here. I will start with this two small apartments.

The first one with material picker allowing changing of the finishes in the kitchen and living room:
The second includes 360 panorama rendered in-house for the presentation:

Enjoy and let me know what do you think!


First, let me congratulate you, you’ve done amazing work in both of your scenes. just have 2 suggestions that may come handy to you.

  1. this scene I think I just a bit to fast, maybe you can lower it down a bit, I use 1.3 in my max speed value, maybe you can try that it works fine for me.
  2. I would add an invisible wall in the balcony so users cant see the edge of it.

either way, you take in count my suggestions or not it looks awesome man :smiley:

Hi @Antonio_Perez, thank you for your comments! You are right at both points. I will adapt the walking speed as it is in fact to fast for so small space. We do a lot of large office spaces and that is why we are used to using much faster walking speeds for most of the presentations :smiley:

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