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Two offline editors with one account

Hi, is it possible to access shapespark’s offline editor in two or more systems with one plus account if we sign in with the same login credentials?

Hi, Shapespark plans are single user, but the same user can install and use Shapespark on two or more systems.

Hi, just a small clarification, will this work if two users work simultaneously?


No, this will not work and is not allowed by the terms of the license, two users need two licenses.

Hi Jan, Im beggining with Shapespark hope you can help me.
In the moment Im using the trial versión, i would like to know if paying for the plus account would let me work on my laptop and desktop on the same file?, not at the same time.

when using the free trial, it lets me work on the file that has been uploaded by each computer, but it is not the same, the changes I make on one computer are not saved for the other one to continue with the work. as i see it i can only work on one computer, does it change by purchasing the plus account?

Also i would like to bake the project on a remote rendering farm, since it is a very big file, is it possible just by loggin to my account?

No, it works the same with the Plus plan. Each computer has a separate copy of the scene, and changes made on one computer are not automatically propagated to other computers. To manually synchronize scenes between computers you can use the recently introduced Download function. After you upload a scene from computer A to the hosting, you can open on computer B and use the Download action to download the scene to computer B.

Unfortunately, remote baking is not supported.

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