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Undo, urgently! especially when you need to hide objects in scenes

When you select a material to hide in some view, if the hierachy in sketchup does not come correctly, sometimes you hide other parts of the model that you do not want to hide, in that moment I bage for undo button and start cry! :sob: To solved it, you need to change the view and find carefully your mistake to fixed! A big waste of time!

Please put a UNDO button. :pray:t3:

I think I found a ‘bug’ relate with hide objects in views: when I hide an object with some texture, if other objects have the same texture, they hide too! Please check it out!

But always will be very wellcoming get UNDO button :wink:

For now the workaround for the lack of the undo button is to reload the scene in the editor without saving. The changes made in the editor are not preserved until you press the save button.

We have a fix for this bug that waits for the release. This is only an edit mode bug - if you save a scene that has this problem and open it in a preview mode, the objects should be correctly hidden.

Thanks @Jan I waiting for next release to view the changes.