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Upcoming features preview: disable shadow casting and video textures

Thank you @wojtek for the feedback.
Non-standard dimensions, but also frame rates and application on not only flat surfaces, give us great opportunities.
Both announced enhancements are wonderful!

thank you very much, I will prepare my file

Shapespark 1.13.0 including these features is out.:slight_smile:

  • Shapespark 1.13.0
  • Allow to edit position and rotation of lights and light probes with a 3D gizmo.

so can we rotate ? the light probes…do we need to press something to change from the move gizmo to rotate gizmo

This queston has been answered in the separate thread:

Really like the video texture feature
Do you think there will be an alpha channel video format to use in the future?

Unfortunately only WebM format supports alpha, but it doesn’t have wide browser support (for example Safari requires plugins to play it). We are considering adding an option to treat black video pixels as transparent, which would allow to have transparency effect with mp4.


Sounds like a good workaround!

That would be indeed helpful.

Excellent propousal, I hope you get it!