Update button missing in editor

Hello, recently had a sub contractor create a Shapespark tour for us and provide us with the base scene folder copied straight from shapespark documents folder. When adding project to my shapespark folder, the scene does not have an “update” button on the bottom in the scenes. Any idea why? Please see attached image.

This button is shown only for scenes that were imported from a file. Scenes imported using Shapespark plugins for SketchUp/3ds max/Revit do not have this button, because it is best to update such scenes also with the plugin not with a file import.

You can copy a local file called source from a scene that has the update button (Documents\Shapespark\11750katy) to a scene folder that doesn’t have the button (Documents\Shapespark\1021mainst). I’m not sure if the scene will update correctly if it was originally created with a plugin and you will use a file to update it. It is best to create a local backup of a scene folder before trying this.

Ok, thank you Jan. Much appreciated