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Upgrading to Perpetual Licence

Hi all,

We enjoy using Shapespark Standard Membership for months now, we want to upgrade to perpetual licence.
What do we have to do for not losing our published projects?
Is there any option where we can buy the licence for the current account? Should we buy it separately? After we buy it separately, are we able to assign the current account to the perpetual licence?

I hope it is a clear question! Thank you


@wojtek @jan

Our web based checkout doesn’t support switching from subscription to perpetual, but we can help with this. Just sent us your username to and we will send you a checkout link that will work for your current account.

Hello, I also want to buy the perpetual key of the shapespark, currently I use the Plus plan. How can I make this purchase?

Please first cancel your Plus plan subscription in the Plan tab of dashboard and then send us your Shapespark username to .