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Upload customized style/html to cloud


I have customized several classes for our app but when uploading to shapespark cloud to get the meetings I see weird things happen, once I was told to upload the index.html with the customizations, I have done so, but I have also changed things like fonts and that is not reflecting in the cloud…what would be the work around? or are you planning on releasing a new feature that will upload everything inside the project folder?


To include your own assets in the upload, put them in the extra-assets subdirectory of the scene directory. You can reference the assets in index.html, head-end.html or body-end.html with $EXTRA_ASSETS/<asset>.

The $EXTRA_ASSETS constant will be correctly resolved in the uploaded scene, but unfortunately not when the scene is opened locally in the desktop application. The next version of the desktop application will include support for $EXTRA_ASSETS.

An alternative to using extra-assets is to host your own assets on your own server.

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Yea, on our own server it works flawlessly, it is when we want the meeting extensions which only works on shapespark cloud when I got the issues…by the way, one quick question…I added a shadow effect to the ext-html-pop-up using:
box-shadow: ;
But I keep getting the shadow behind the container and that does not look great…is there a way to limit the container to the exact size of the iframe/html embed ? I removed the padding and tried using border “0” but with no results, here is a SS to illustrate:

I meant hosting just the extra assets on your own server, and referencing it there. The scene would still be hosted on our infrastructure.

Have you removed the padding added by the ext-popup-content class?

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Yea, It worked, what was wrong was my customized svgs, I tried again embeding a website and the padding was somehow gone