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Upload Individual Texture

I’m would like to know if i’m changing one object material texture, is it need to reupload whole file to cloud. Can I’m upload individual object to the cloud so that uploading time will not so long ?

This is done automatically, only files that have changed since the last upload are uploaded.

okay noted. May i’m know have any setting that I’m view the scenes with full screen automatically like #autoplay ?

Browsers do not allow web sites to automatically switch to full screen. Such switch works only after a user gesture (a mouse or a button click or a touch gesture).

How about phone device ? I saw some user comment that they can open scenes full screen automatically.

Do you perhaps have a link to this discussion? For sure on iOS it is possible to create a home screen icon that will open a scene directly in full screen (Maximize view on mobile devices?) but such icon needs to be first created by the user.