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Uploaded file image different than editor image

Hello. This is a problem related to objects merging and rendering order of transparent objects (some background is here: Foliage transparent png problem?).

In the editor each object is rendered separately, but during the presentation outside of the editor, objects that are close to each other are merged together to reduce the number of draw calls and improve frame rate. For non-transparent objects merging doesn’t introduce any problems, but for transparent objects, such as the bottles in your scene, merging can change the render order and expose transparency-related artifacts.

If we exposed an URL hash tag: #nomergetransparent that would prevent the merging, would such workaround be acceptable for you? (we can’t disable transparent objects merging by default, because many scenes have large number of transparent leaves, and such scenes work too slow on mobile without the merging).

yes, how do I do that or it that something you do?

We’ve added support for it, just load the scene again with #nomergetransparent hash in the URL. Like:


in the future should I avoid using transparent maps on clusters of geometry?

For now, if you have alternatives that do not require transparent maps, it’s better to use them.