Uploaded scenes turn white

I had a problem with some of the materials (roughness setting 1.0) in uploaded scenes turning white.
It was not a problem until 2 days ago, but when I checked today it had changed.
No problem on local PC.
Has there been any recent changes to the specs?

We have a PBR material related update which makes reflections more realistic and physically correct. For now this update is only available for uploaded scenes, not yet released to the desktop application. After the update roughness 1.0 also reflects some light. This is more physically correct behavior, as in reality even rough materials always have some reflections.

Do you have any materials in this scene that need reflections? If not, you could remove all light probes, which would result in total lack of reflections in the scene.

In this scene, we cannot eliminate LIGHT PROBES because there are things we want to reflect. But there are also things we do not want to reflect at all in the same scene.
As you can see from the image I just uploaded, it is beyond the slightest reflection.
Even if PBR is used, shouldn’t the specifications be such that if the roughness is 1.0, there will be no reflection?
Above all, it is problematic to change the appearance of something that has already been delivered to the customer.

Hi @crear

You could force previous pipeline by adding to the url hashtag: #nopbr
We will be working on additional setting that could be used to turn off the reflections for a material - this way we could keep the physically correct PBR approach without sacrificing appearance that you’re already using.

PBR specular pipeline

Previous specular pipeline:

Thank you for your response. We look forward to future improvements.
Please let us know when you update not only desktop applications but also applications on the network.