Uploading a very large file (Subdivision / Village)

Hi, I want to upload an entire subdivision/village and I was wondering if it’s still possible to make it look good in shapespark just like when you upload interior scenes? most of the samples and tutorials i see online are interior scenes and i was afraid that if i buy a subscription, it will not work as well when i use it for exterior scenes. It’s a pretty heavy file.

Also, since the file is so large, editing mode is slow. (I tried smaller files and it works fast) are there any tips anyone can give me so that I can make it faster? like, is it possible to layer it like in other programs?


In the Object Tab of your scene, you can access scene statistics. Here, you’ll find indicators highlighting which parts of the scene are larger. For optimization tips regarding geometry, you can refer to the following link: How to optimize scene geometry.

Additionally, you can utilize our mesh auto-simplification tool, also located in the Object Tab. For a demonstration, please watch this video: Mesh Auto-Simplification Tool Demo.

Shapespark currently does not support layer addition or hide part of the scene. As an alternative, you may consider dividing your model and creating links within the model to open another scene.

Will the quality and fastness of the final walkthrough output be compromised if I don’t divide the model or will I just be having a problem during the editing but the output will have the same quality and fastness?? The model I made is around 4 hectares.

Thank you for the video by the way :slight_smile:

Managing such a large scene in Shapespark can be tricky. You won’t be able to achieve the same results as with smaller interior scenes due to the limit on lightmaps and their resolution. You’ll need to bake your scene with lower lightmap resolution to fit it within these limits. Here you can find a general explanation of some challenges you may encounter during the process: https://help.shapespark.com/hc/en-us/articles/14091552492573-Bake-common-questions

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